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04 Jan

A few of my friends and my mother immediately call me within 5 minutes saying your Facebook is going crazy, as well as texting me the pics!

Well, listen up world, the time is never going to be right.

So do whatever you want – as long as you’re not hurting anyone!

Disregarding the bizarre fact a woman is called ‘brave’ for cutting her hair off and defying modern day beauty standards, the transformation couldn’t have gone better for Sara.

The Daily Scam is very sad to report a scam that seems to be targeting men on social media like Facebook, but then progressing to the use of Skype for video chatting. She manipulates the victim to include video of his face during their video exchange. Read this post by a Reddit user who was scammed this way and then blackmailed not to post the video of him captured by the scammer… They had one friend in common, and were saying they were in my same industry.

I have been wanting to do this for the longest time, for as long as I can remember really, kind of like a bucket list thing.But I always thought I’d put it off and wait for the time to be ‘right’.Would you have done that to keep the embarrassing video from being posted and shown to all your friends, family and co-workers? I told him I had no more money and wasn't going to pay him anything else, hoping he was bluffing.And if you did respond to this blackmail and send money, what would you expect to happen next? Read what the Reddit user described after he paid the blackmailer 00… Now we have to do your Facebook contacts and pictures! Well, the following morning, he creates a fake Facebook profile with my name and picture and friend requested my boss, parents, WIFE, some other close friends, past clients, etc.I was mortified." The Reddit user then described how he tried to make additional payments over the next couple of days to various names the scammer provided using Moneygram and Western Union.

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